Egyptian military kills 7 takfiri elements in North Sinai

Ahmed Eleiba
Friday 15 May 2020

The Egyptian armed forces announced on Friday that it had killed 7 takfiri elements in North Sinai governorate in an operation against terrorist hideouts.

According to a statement, the forces killed a takfiri element during a raid on a terrorist hideout located on a farm, and six other takfiri elements during their attempt to escape.

A 4x4 vehicle and 3 motorcycles without license plates were found at the site.

The forces also found 10 IEDs, which were subject to controlled demolition, and four suicide vests.

Egypt is fighting an Islamist militancy based in the northern part of the Sinai Peninsula that has gained pace since 2013.

Hundreds of security forces have been killed in attacks claimed by militants, while the military has killed hundreds of extremists as part of an extensive campaign.  

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