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Famous TV presenter Radwa El-Sherbiny under investigation for hijab remarks

El-Sherbiny said that women who wear the hijab are '100,000 times better' than those who do not

Amr Mohamed Kandil, Sunday 13 Sep 2020
Radwa El Sherbiny
TV presenter Radwa El Sherbiny (Photo: Al-Ahram)
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Views: 5487

The Egyptian Supreme Council for Media Regulation, the national body concerned with overseeing the media, is opening an investigation concerning TV presenter Radwa El-Sherbiny after she said on her show that women who wear the hijab are “better” than those who do not.

Hijab is a head covering that many Muslim women wear in public to conform to Islamic standards of modesty.

The council said that it received complaints about the remarks by El-Sherbini, which she made on her CBC Sofra program Heya w Bas.

El-Sherbini encouraged Muslim girls to continue wearing their veil even if they face peer pressure to take it off.

Last week, El-Sherbiny, who does not wear a hijab herself, responded to a question from one of her viewers, telling her to not give up on her hijab.

“To every [woman] who is the only veiled one among her group of friends, or [in her] family, or street, or work, never take off the hijab. You are 100,000 times better than I and non-hijabi women,” she said last week.

She added that “the devil inside [non-hijabi women] is more powerful than their faith and strength,” and that women who wear the hijab are “better” in the eyes of God.

El-Sherbiny later apologised, saying that she had gone too far with her comments and that she did not mean to offend non-hijabis.

“I meant to say that hijabi women have done their duty better than I and non-hijabi women,” she said, adding that this does not mean that non-Hijabi women are not good.

She concluded her one-minute apology by saying that women who wear the hijab and those who do not both have good and bad examples among them.

El-Sherbiny’s comments stirred controversy on Egyptian social media, with many attacking her for her remarks and others coming to her defence.

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