Egypt's Mostaqbal Watan list set to sweep first stage of parliamentary elections

Gamal Essam El-Din , Monday 26 Oct 2020

Preliminary figures show that the Mostaqbal Watan-led National Unified Coalition has won the two party list districts of Upper Egypt and the Western Delta

Mostaqbal Watan

Semi-official figures released by judges supervising Egypt's first stage of parliamentary elections in 14 governorates show that the National Unified Coalition led by the pro-government Mostaqbal Watan (the Nation's Future) Party has won two party list districts: North, Middle and South Upper Egypt (100 seats) and the Western Delta (42 seats).

The Mostaqbal Watan-led coalition was challenging the little known "Call of Egypt" bloc which competed in the 2015 polls but failed to win.

Voting figures in 14 governorates show that the Mostaqbal Watan's National List made a clean sweep of most of the polls.

In the Western Delta district (which includes the three governorates of Alexandria, Matrouh and Beheira), the National List came on top in terms of votes.

In Matrouh, for example, supervising judges said the National List received 48,345 votes, far ahead of the Call of Egypt's List which got only 9,756 votes.

In Upper Egypt, semi-official figures  show Mostaqbal Watan's National List has almost won, though the Call of Egypt achieved a little success in the city of Luxor, receiving 51,534 votes, versus 45,255 votes won by the National List.

The Mostaqbal Watan-led National List in North, Middle and South Upper Egypt includes prominent figures such as Alaa Abed, chairman of parliament's human rights committee; Farida El-Shobashi, a journalist and media analyst; Mostafa Bakri, a journalist and MP; Ahmed Saadeddin, former secretary-general of the House of Representatives; Tarek Radwan, chairman of parliament's African Affairs Committee; Hesham El-Shini, chairman of parliament's Agriculture Committee, and Karim Darwish, chairman of parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee.

Egypt's two-stage parliamentary election began this week. The first stage kicked off at home on Saturday, with around 1,800 individual candidates competing for 142 seats.

A number of 284 candidates on two party lists – the Mostaqbal Watan's National coalition and the Call of Egypt – are also competing for 142 seats. The competition is in two districts: the North, Middle and South of Upper Egypt (100 seats) and Western Delta (42 seats).

The official results will be announced by the National Elections Authority at a press conference on Sunday.

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