Egypt to have a 'technocratic' government: Qandil

Ahram Online, Tuesday 24 Jul 2012

Egypt's new Prime Minister Hisham Qandil promises ministers will be chosen for their abilities, Morsi's 100 day plan top of government agenda, at first press conference Tuesday

Hesham Kandil
Former Egyptian minister of water resources and irrigation in the outgoing, military-appointed government, Hesham Kandil leaves a meeting in Cairo (Photo: Ahram)

Newly-appointed Prime Minister Hisham Qandil announced that he will form a "technocratic government" and that his ministers will be chosen according to their qualifications and experience, at his first press conference since assuming the post, Tuesday.

Qandil, the former minister of irrigation and water resources, promised that there will be a balance of political factions within the cabinet and that it will be chosen with the full consent of President Mohamed Morsi.

Egypt's long-awaited premier thanked the country's two previous prime ministers, Essam Sharaf and Kamal El-Ganzouri both of whom he served under, for their exerted efforts "in such a tough time in Egyptian history."

"Ganzouri's government has worked until the last minute and that is a great national effort," he said.

Qandil asserted that the administration's main aim will be to implement the presidential "renaissance" program, particularly Morsi's 100 day planto end several of the country's pressing problems including traffic, bread and fuel shortages, lack of security and garbage accumulation. The current water shortage, he added, would be top of the agenda.

In addition, Qandil explained, the government will work to assure that all the demands of the January 25 Revolution are realised, which he believed was a serious challenge.

Qandil also stressed that each minister will have full authority in the decision-making process and there will be mechanisms in place to complete the goals of past governments, rather than the new cabinet starting from scratch.

Qandil explained that discussions with the Supreme Council of Armed Forces (SCAF) regarding the appointment of the next minister of defense are currently ongoing.

Head of the SCAF, Field Mashal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi is the incumbent defense minister.

After weeks of speculation, President Morsi appointed Qandil as his new prime minister, in a move that surprised many observers.

Morsi met Qandil at the presidential palace on Sunday but his chances of being offered the premiership were dismissed by many observers, who said the American-educated water and irrigation engineer was too young and lacking in political experience.


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