Egypt army to guarantee reforms: communique number 2

Friday 11 Feb 2011

Army promises protesters their demands will be met and that there will be no retribution

The Egyptian army will act as the guarantor of reforms, including free and fair presidential elections, promised by embattled President Hosni Mubarak, the country's military high command vowed Friday in its "communique number two", read out on state television.

The statement also said that they will lift the state of emergency once the current crisis is over, implement the necessary constitutional ammendments and insure all the demands of the protesters are met to insure a peaceful transition of power.

The army also assured the"honourable" protesters that they won't be persecuted by the army when the crisis is over.

The army  also "confirms the need to resume orderly work in the government installations and a return to normal life, preserve the interests and property of our great people."
The communique acknowledged the delegation of powers to Suleiman, indicating that they stood squarely behind the president's speech on Thursday night, and also pledged to "preserve the stability and safety of the nation".


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