Deadly train accidents in Egypt: A Timeline (1992 - 2012)

Zeinab El Gundy and Mohamed Abdel-Baky, Tuesday 15 Jan 2013

Egypt's atrocious railway safety record is back in the spotlight after 19 Central Security Forces recruits die in a train derailment in Badrashin on Monday

train crashes in Egypt
Al-Ayatt disaster left 373 dead in February 2002 (Photo: Ahram)

The Badrashin train crash on Monday is just the latest in a long line of major train crashes in Egypt since the early 1990s. It is the second to take place in Badrashin in six months and the fifth since President Mohamed Morsi was elected in June 2012.

The health ministry says 19 people were killed and 120 injured in the crash on Monday. Most of the victims were new Central Security Forces recruits from Upper Egypt on their way to Cairo from Assiut.

Survivors said the train broke down several times on its way to Badrashin and the crash took place when a carriage derailed and hit a goods train parked at a storage depot.

Ahram Online provides a timeline of major train crashes in Egypt since 1992:

November 2012: Train crashes into a bus carrying schoolchildren on a railway crossing in Manfalout village, Assiut governorate. Kills 51, mostly children, injures 17.

November 2012: Two trains collide near Fayoum in Upper Egypt killing three people, including the driver, and injuring 46.

October 2012: Train crashes into several cars in Qalyub, Qalubiya governorate killing six and injuring dozens.

July 2012: Two trains collide in Badrashin, injuring 44.

October 2009: Collision at Al-Ayyat in Giza, 50 km south of Cairo, kills 30 and injures 50 according to an initial security report.

September 2006: Passenger train collides with a freight train north of Cairo, killing five and injuring 30.

August 2006: Two trains collide in the town of Qalyub, 20 km north of Cairo, killing 57 and injuring 128.

February 2002: Train packed to double capacity catches fire and kills 373 in Al-Ayyat, Giza for Egypt’s worst train disaster.

train crashes in Egypt

November 1999: Train travelling between Cairo and Alexandria hits truck and derails, killing 10 and injuring seven.

April 1999: At least 10 people die and almost 50 are injured in northern Egypt after head-on collision between trains.

October 1998: Around 50 die and more than 80 are injured in a derailment just south of Alexandria. The train fails to stop at buffers and runs into a busy market square. Reports suggest passengers travelling on the roof of the train might have tampered with an air pipe, disabling the brakes.

February 1997: At least 11 people die in a collision caused by human error and a signalling failure north of Aswan.

February 1996: Train hits truck on a crossing killing 11 people, 90 km north of Cairo.

December 1995: In thick fog, a train rams into the back of another, killing 75. Driver blamed as train was travelling well above the speed limit.

May 1995: Nine die when train hits a barrier just north of Cairo and derails.

April 1995: Train and bus collide on a level crossing in the Nile Delta, killing 49.

December 1993: At least 12 people die and 60 are injured when two trains collide head-on about 90 km north of Cairo.

February 1992: Train collision just outside Cairo kills 43 people.

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