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Egyptian activists call for Friday 'retribution against the military' march

A number of revolutionary groups and campaigns are holding a march in downtown Cairo on Friday afternoon, demanding the military council is held to account for deaths of protesters when they were in power

Ahram Online, Friday 15 Feb 2013
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Views: 980

Several revolutionary forces and activists have called for a march in Cairo on Friday under the banner of "retribution against the military."

The groups and campaigns calling for the demonstration included the Revolution Continues, the National Front for Justice and Democracy, Askar Kazeboon ('the military are liars'), and the Hakemoohum ('present them to trial').

Activists including prominent blogger Alaa Abdel Fattah, Sally Toomah, Samia Jaheen and Islam Magdy have also called for the Friday march.

The march will kick off from the Fateh Mosque in Ramses in downtown Cairo at 4pm.

"It seems that some have forgotten that the Supreme Council for Armed Forces killed the martyrs, dragged revolutionaries, implemented virginity tests, caused bloodshed, and is still free. And the government honoured them instead of presenting them for trial," read the activists' statement.

The military council came to power after former president Mubarak stepped down in February 2011, and held executive power until President Morsi was elected in June 2012.

During this period, several clashes took place in which protesters and activist died, including the Maspero massacre in October 2011 and the Mohamed Mahmoud clashes in November of the same year. Activists have continually blamed the military council for these deaths and demanded accountability.

In August 2012, Morsi honoured former head of SCAF Field Marshall Hussein Tantawi and former chief of staff General Sami Anan in a celebration at the presidential palace. 

He also granted the Nile Medal, Egypt's highest state honour, to Tantawi, and gave Anan the State Medal.

Cairo will see two other protests on Friday, one organised by Islamist groups in front of Cairo University in Giza, under the banner "together against violence," and the second a symbolic public funeral in Tahrir Square for Omar Salah, a ten-year-old street vendor who was reportedly shot last week near the US embassy by security forces.

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