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Monday, 10 August 2020
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The Middle East and Africa Meat Substitutes Market (2019) report on the meat substitute market in the Middle East and Africa states that the market is expected to grow with a CAGR of 9.84% in 2019-2027
Outbreaks among farm workers and young people desperate to resume socializing after being cooped up have spread across northern Spain
The EU's public health body is assessing risks posed by ventilation systems and other settings at workplaces for the ...
AstraZeneca Plc has signed a contract with European governments to supply the region with its potential vaccine against ...
The Cairo Centre for Strategic Studies (CCSS) announced it has launched the Adel Mahmoud Science Forum as part of its ...
COVID-19 has been changing the practice of medicine in Egypt
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Recent years have seen growing interest in mediaeval Arab cooking, as a new translation of a 13th-century Syrian recipe book reveals, writes David Tresilian
Many Cairo restaurants and supermarkets are providing hot meals and food items for medical staff and casual workers through the TeKeya mobile application this Ramadan, writes Omneya Yousry
Aziza Sami revisits a Mameluke-era cookbook for immunity boosting recipes this Ramadan
Traders legally selling donkey, dog, deer, crocodile and other meat plan to get back to business as soon as the markets reopen
Egyptian chef Suzanne Sabah marks Valentine’s Day with truffles and cupcakes
Some people like them baked, others prefer them dried. Locusts are surprisingly nutritious and considered a delicacy by ...
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Renowned Greek jewellery designer Maria Kaprili talks about the latest fashion trends as well as her inspiration from Greek tradition
Imagine tracing back the stories behind the colours, fabrics and patterns of the Arab world. The intangible heritage that ...
Beirut-based designer Bokja specializes in making upholstered furniture with vintage fabric but the studio's workers ...
COVID-19 has forced the suspension of many festivities – with no telling when celebrations could be in play again
Chanel and Prada said they have postponed fashion shows due to be held in Asia in May over concerns linked to the coronavirus outbreak.
Rain threatened to dampen perhaps some of the elaborate hairdos and dresses of the many Hollywood stars walking the red carpet on Sunday afternoon
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An art gallery in Paris has sought inspiration in ancient China to help it enforce social distancing, by providing hats ...
The chief executive of AstraZeneca , which is developing a leading coronavirus vaccine with Oxford University, said it ...
Dr. Mohamed Nabil el-Nahhas, consultant of Ophthalmology in Mataria hospital, reveals ways to protect our eyes during spring and summer
The European Union warned on Monday that decisions by some European countries to suspend vaccination of children during ...
Want to lose weight in Ramadan? Unfortunately, it’s not easy. Though fasting from dawn to dusk helps your stomach ...
The European Union's medicines regulator on Thursday warned countries that malaria drugs being used experimentally ...
Amira Elhamy talks to life coach Dina Elmessiri about ways to beat anxiety during quarantine against the coronavirus
A global debate has emerged among doctors treating COVID-19: When should patients who need help breathing be placed on ...
Ahram Online talks to one of the best known Egyptians in the field of philanthropy about reaching out to burn victims, as well as society in the time of Coronavirus
The internationally renowned heart surgeon took the time to reach out to his fellow citizens with words from the heart
Millions are asking for clear, comprehensive information and guidelines regarding the novel coronavirus. Unfortunately, ...
Coronavirus has been most dangerous for the elderly and those with underlying health conditions
About 3.4% of confirmed cases of COVID-19 have died, far above seasonal flu’s fatality rate of under 1%, but the novel coronavirus can be contained, the World Health Organization (WHO) said
The World Health Organization (WHO) warned of a global shortage and price gouging for protective equipment to fight coronavirus and asked companies to increase production by 40%
Those who eat a lot of mercury-containing seafood might be at increased risk for skin cancer, suggests a study
A growing number of discharged coronavirus patients in China and elsewhere are testing positive after recovering, sometimes weeks after being allowed to leave the hospital, which could make the epidemic harder to eradicate.
Measles can infect the appendix, the liver and the membranes protecting the brain in people who are not fully immunized against the virus, a new report confirms
A Lebanese hospital brought music and medicine together on Friday in a concert for cancer patients. "Music has ...
New parents who obsessively clean their homes to protect babies from germs might want to relax a bit
People who eat lots of miso and other fermented soy products may get to enjoy them for a long time, according to a Japanese study that links eating these foods with a lower risk of premature death
McDonald’s Corp, Starbucks Corp and other fast-food companies are ramping up 'contactless' pickup and delivery services
Female genital mutilation (FGM) will take centuries to eradicate despite world leaders promising to end the practice by ...
People who eat an egg a day are no more likely than those who rarely eat eggs to have high cholesterol, heart attacks and strokes or to die prematurely
A coronavirus outbreak that began in Wuhan, the capital of China’s central province of Hubei, has spread to surpass the total from the 2002-2003 SARS epidemic.

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