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June 30 Coordinating Committee plans for week-long protests

Opposition parties and groups form coordinating committee and announce joint plans for a week of action leading to 30 June anti-Morsi mass demonstrations, rejecting any military takeover of power

Ahram Online , Saturday 22 Jun 2013
One of a group of anti-Mursi protesters, made up of intellectuals and artists, holds up a picture of Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi, which has the word "rebel" written on it, in front of the Ministry of Culture during a demonstration against what they claimed are increasing influence of the Muslim Brotherhood over the Ministry of Culture and Minister of Culture Alaa Abdel Aziz, in Cairo June 11, 2013 (Photo: Reuters)
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Tens of political parties and groups forming the “30 June Coordinating Committee” announced Saturday their plans for the week leading up to 30 June, the day on which mass demonstrations are scheduled against President Mohamed Morsi demanding swift presidential elections.

At a conference held in the Agouza district in Giza, attendees announced events will be organised starting 23 June.

A human chain protest will be held under the banner “The Muslim Brotherhood is corrupt” in Shubra on Sunday, 23 June. On 25 June, small "Rebel" demonstrations will be held in more than 16 metro stations to call on people to sign the Rebel campaign petition against President Morsi. On 27 June, a rally is planned to take place in Cairo’s Sayeda Zeinab district. On 28 June, another rally is planned to start from Cairo’s Al-Azhar district, marching to Tahrir Square protesting the use of mosques in urging people not to rebel against the president.

As for 30 June, political representatives said several demonstrations are planned to snowball through the different parts of Egypt. The final starting destinations are to be announced end of week.

The political groups announced they clearly stand against the military playing any role in the process.

Haitham Mohamadein of the Revolutionary Socialists said that the coordinating committee will finalise its political vision for when Morsi is successfully forced to step down and until new elections take place.

Constitution Party member Ahmed Harara, the well known activist who lost both his eyes in clashes with police, under Mubarak and later under military rule, thanked the youth of the revolution for the successful anti-Morsi campaign, urging them not to get distracted by “Muslim Brotherhood attempts to create side conflicts to spoil plans for 30 June.”

Ali, a father of one of the protesters slain during the 18-day January 2011 uprising that led to the ouster of Mubarak, spoke at the conference attacking the president for failing to bring justice for his killed son.

Representative of the Rebel campaign Mahmoud Badr, for his part, urged the opposition to remain united and create a powerful front. Khaled Ali, of the Egyptian Popular Current, told attendees that “the regime is scared,” its fear symbolised by the mass demonstration organised by Islamists in support of the president Friday.

Political parties and groups represented in the 30 June Coordinating Committee include the Constitution Party, the Egyptian Popular Current, the Egyptian Social Democratic Party, the Socialist Popular Alliance Party, the Wafd Party, the Free Egyptians Party, the Tagammu Party, the Egyptian Communist Party, the Egyptian Socialist Party, the Democratic Front Party, the Unified Nasserist Party, the Justice and Freedom Youth, the Rebel campaign, the Alliance of Revolutionary Forces, the Second Revolution of Rage Movement, the Front for Peaceful Change, the April 6 Youth Movement, the April 6 Democratic Front Movement, the Mina Daniel Movement, the Lotus Revolution Coalition, the Workers and Farmers Party, the Kifaya Movement, the Socialist Youth Union, the National Front for Justice and Democracy, the Revolutionary Youth Union and the Children of Egypt Coalition.

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