Army starts rebuilding Atfeeh Church

Ahram Online, Sunday 13 Mar 2011

Supreme Council of Armed Forces began rebuilding torched church in Atfeeh, Helwan

The Egyptian armed forces have begun rebuilding the Two Martyrs Church in in Atfeeh, Helwan, says Ramses El Nagger the lawyer of the Egyptian Christian Orthodox Church.

El Naggar said that military vehicles arrived early today to the site of the church carrying construction engineers, soldiers and building equipment.

El Naggar said that Egypt’s Christians were gratified when the Supreme Council of Armed Forces announced that they will use their own funds to rebuild the church. He added that the council’s promise to refer the perpetrators of the church attack to trial will serve as a warning to anyone who attempts to attack a Muslim or Christian place of worship again.

El Naggar added that a delegation made up of Christians from Atfeeh and several priests will go to Maspero to try and talk to the angry Copts who have been protesting in front of the Radio and TV headquarters in Maspero for nine days. Earlier today Copts have insisted on continuing their protest and held a Sunday Mass in Maspero.

The church was burned on March 4 reportedly as a result of a love affair between a young Muslim woman and a young Coptic man. The affair led to a mob to attack on the church, as well as Coptic homes in the village. The church was looted and torched.

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