Egyptian political parties reject military intervention in Syria

Ahram Online, Wednesday 28 Aug 2013

Rebel Campaign, Strong Egypt Party and Free Egyptians have denounced preparations for an international military intervention in Syrian territory; Rebel spokesperson says Egypt must not allow use of Suez Canal in any attack

In this citizen journalism image provided by the United media office of Arbeen which has been authenticated based on its contents and other AP reporting, UN investigation team with blue helmets, walk with Syrian rebels in Damascus countryside of Zamalka, Syria, Wednesday, Aug. 28, 2013. (Photo: AP)

On Wednesday, several Egyptian political parties and movements denounced possible military intervention in Syria.

Rebel campaign's spokesman Mahmoud Badr has said that he approves of the Arab Syrian Army's intention to confront the anticipated US military strike on Syria, stating that he is against any foreign military intervention within Arab territories.

In a statement, published on Rebel's official website, Badr suggested the US is following a plan that aims to intervene in domestic affairs and weaken and fragment Arab armies.

"The US is an imperial state that has destroyed Iraq and aims to destroy Syria and intervene in Egyptian affairs," Badr stated, proposing that Arab countries will not approve of US intervention in Syria.

Badr stressed a desire to support the Syrian people in their struggle and the need to help afflicted Syrians both inside and outside Syrian territory.

Moreover, Hassan Shahin, media spokesman for Rebel campaign, also demanded the closure of the Suez Canal in the face of any [international] naval mobilisation heading towards Syria.

He added via his official account that "supporting the Free Syrian army is a national obligation." 

Amidst mounting speculation that the United States, France and Britain are poised to stage military action against the Syrian regime, Pentagon Chief Chuck Hagel, while on a Southeast Asia tour, re-iterated that US forces stand ready to act at a moments notice.

In an interview with the BBC on Tuesday Hagel said, "Syria used chemical weapons against its own people."

UN Security Council clearance is still officially needed for international military intervention in Syria.

Meanwhile, the Strong Egypt Party, in a press statement, strongly rejected all kinds of external military intervention in Syria.

According to the statement, any such move will affect the "security of the region and the sovereignty of its people."

The party ended their statement affirming that they will "continue to stand by Syrians in their heroic struggle against Bashar Al-Assad's government, until the end of his bloody regime, which has violated the sanctity of Syrian lives."

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nabil Fahmy, stated Tuesday that Egypt refutes military intervention in Syria, insisting that the only way forward is a political solution in the war-torn country.

The liberal Free Egyptian Party said on Wednesday that a military strike against Syria will "further inflame and complicate the Middle East and will not solve the Syrian issue."

In a press statement, the party condemned possible military intervention in Syria, reaffirming their solidarity with the Syrian people in their plight.

The FEP has called on the 'world's wise' to put pressure on governments to stop the attack on Syria in order to prevent another Iraqi scenario.

"A military intervention in Syria will only result in destruction, devastation, thousands of dead and injured, and millions of displaced and refugees," the statement read.

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