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Timeline: Decline and fall of Hosni Mubarak

Key events in fall of Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak

AFP, Wednesday 13 Apr 2011
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Views: 3859

Key events in fall of Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak, who has been detained along with ‎two of his sons by the military regime that succeeded him:‎
‎- January 25: Anti-government protests erupt in the wake of a revolt that toppled the ruler ‎of Tunisia.‎

‎- January 28: Sixty-two people die in clashes. Mubarak, the US-backed leader who has ‎ruled Egypt for almost three decades, imposes a dusk-to-dawn curfew.‎

‎- February 1: Over a million people join the protests in Cairo's central Tahrir Square.‎

‎- February 11: After more mass protests, Mubarak steps down and leaves the capital for his ‎residence in Sharm el-Sheikh on the Red Sea.‎

‎- February 13: The army suspends the constitution and says it will rule the country for six ‎months, when elections will take place.‎

‎- February 18: Huge new protests keep pressure on the army for speedy reform.‎

‎- February 21: A growing revolt in Libya, which borders Egypt to the west, creates further ‎regional instability. Thousands of Egyptian workers leave Libya.‎

‎- March 4: The military regime announces a referendum on a new democratic constitution.‎

‎- March 11: Four top members of the Mubarak regime are jailed on charges of having ‎ordered security forces to fire on protesters during the revolution, which left over 384 ‎people dead and 6,000 injured.‎

‎- March 15: The army disbands the former regime's hated security police. US Secretary of ‎State Hillary Clinton visits.‎

‎- March 19: Voters approve the proposed new constitution, with 77.2% voting "yes".‎

‎- March 30: The military regime announces parliamentary elections for September, to be ‎followed by a presidential ballot one or two months later.‎

‎- April 9: Major new rally in Cairo, with demonstrators contesting the military regime and ‎calling for Mubarak to be put on trial. At least one person dies as the rally is dispersed.‎

‎- April 10: An audio tape of Mubarak is released in which the deposed leader is heard ‎defending his reputation and complaining of a smear campaign against him.‎

‎- April 13: The authorities say Mubarak and his two sons have been detained for 15 days as ‎part of an inquiry into the events of January and February. The former president is ‎reported to have suffered heart problems during questioning and is said to be in "unstable ‎condition" in hospital.‎

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