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Re-edition: The New East

The influential Dr Muhammad Hussein Haykal (1888-1956) wrote Al Sharq Al Gadeed (The New East) in the 40s, which has now been re-published in efforts to help flourish major intellectual works

Marwa Mohie El-Din, Tuesday 5 Jul 2011
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Views: 1140

Dr Muhammad Hussein Haykal (1888-1956) has played an important intellectual and political role in modern Egyptian history. He was the first Arab writer to publish a novel in the early 20th century.

The New East, of which the first edition was published in the 1940s, highlights eastern countries for their rapid steps towards establishing a new civilization. The bases of this civilization, according to Haykal, should blend between spiritual ideals and materialistic aspects of life through believing in liberty of thought.

It is worth mentioning that the book falls into a series known as Zakerat El-Kitaba, which is dedicated to republishing the major intellectual works that have run out many years ago.  

Al Sharq Al Gadid (The New East)
by Dr Muhammad Hussein Haykal
Zakert Al-Watan Series General Organization for Cultural Palaces 2011
PP 297

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