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Sunday, 12 July 2020

New Release: Alif Journal releases 40th issue on 'Mapping New Directions in the Humanities'

Mapping New Directions in the Humanities maps the efforts to redefine the relationship between the global North and South, or between Western and non-Western intellectual traditions

Ahram Online , Sunday 15 Mar 2020
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Views: 2349

Alif: Journal of Comparative Poetics, published by the American University in Cairo, has released its 40th issue (2020) titled 'Mapping New Directions in the Humanities.'

The new issue of Alif is dedicated to redefining and reorienting the humanities in light of global institutional and intellectual realities.

According to the AUC Press, the word “mapping” can be construed in several ways: the literal meaning of geographical “reorientation,” indicative of efforts to redefine the relationship between the global North and South, or between Western and non-Western intellectual traditions. 

It can also refer to the remapping of modern university by interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary work in the humanities, work that brings the humanities to new shores in science and the social sciences.

Mapping often means searching for clues to new directions in such literary genres as novels, poetry, and life-writing, since the seeds of academic branching out are often detected in artistic movements. The articles in this volume highlight how different disciplines and genres are exploring new directions, including the classics, philosophy, literary theory, linguistics, and translation studies.

The English section includes articles by: David Konstan: Mapping Diversity in Classical Studies, Claire Gallien: A Decolonial Turn in the Humanities, Antonio Pacifico: The Cultural Turn in the Study of Arabic Literature, Youssef Yacoubi: Redirecting Postcolonial Theory: Arab-Islamic Reason, Deconstructionism, and the Possibility of Multiple Critique, Levi Thompson: Re-Orienting Modernism: Mapping East-East Exchanges between Arabic and Persian Poetry, Brian James Baer: From Cultural Translation to Untranslatability: Theorizing, Nadia Hashish: Towards Holistic Medical Humanities, Yasmine Sweed: New Directions in Disability Narratives: Cyborgs and Redefining

The Arabic Section includes articles by: Abdesslam Benabdelali: Modern Paths in Philosophical Studies, Shereen Abouelnaga: Arab Feminism: Positions and Practices, Hala Kamal: From Autobiography to Life-Writing: Trajectories and Intersections across the Humanities and Social Sciences, Samia Al Hodathy: Postcolonialism and Arabic Literature: Rerouting or Re-Rooting?, Tamer Amin: Educational Linguistics and the Problem of Language: Science and Mathematics Education in the Arab World, Hassan Hilmy: “Contemporary” American Poetry: Reflections, Hossam Nayel: Arabic Literature and Digital Technology: An Exploration, Naglaa Saad Hassan: Game Theory and Literary Analysis: Horizons and Limitations.

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