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New Release: Salafists go to hell too

The author sees that the Salafist thought hampered reformation in the Islamic societies

Ahram Online, Monday 7 May 2012
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Views: 1869

Assalafyoon Yadkholoon Annar Aydan (Salfists also go to Hell), by: Waleed Toughan, Cairo: Sefsafa, 2012.

In his newly released book titled Assalafyoon Yadkholoon Annar Aydan (Salfists also go to Hell), writer and Journalist Waleed Toughan, criticises the Salafist thought - an Islamic religious trend that tends to follow the instructions of the Prophet Muhammed and his first followers and simulating their deeds-  Toughan sees that Salafists have frozen religion in a certain historical moment that passed since 1400 years, thus hampering reformation and progress in the Islamic societies.

According to the book, the Salafist thought failed to provide new tools to reform the Arab and Islamic socities as it did not deal with the new historical realities imposed by the contexts of modern life.

The author who is a journalist at Rosa Al-Youssel Newspaper, says that Salafists took Islam backwards instead of taking it as carrier of progress and reformation values, moreover they monopolised Islam and denounced any reading or interpretation to Islam other than the one they are providing.

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