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French court rules that Israel shot Mohamed Al-Dorra's father

A French court vindicates Jamal Al-Dorra's against Israeli claims that he was already wounded before he and his son came under Israeli fire, which was caught on video

Naglaa Abdel Hafez, Sunday 1 May 2011
12-year-old Mohamed Al-Dorra lying dead on his father's lap after being shot by Israeli soldiers during the second Palestinian intifada.
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Views: 6219

A French court has ruled in favour of Jamal Al-Dorra, whose son Mohamed's death by the Israeli army in 2000 was captured by photographers as he died in his father's arms.

The ruling rejects Israeli claims that Jamal was wounded prior to the incident on 20 September 2000. The Israeli lobby erupted in loud protests against the ruling and they refused to speak with the media.

In a phone call to Ahram Online, Al-Dorra said: “The verdict refuted Israeli claims that my injury preceded the year 2000 in an attempt to deny their crimes when they shot at me and my son continuously for over 45 minutes.”

Al-Dorra sued Israel over three years ago in a French court for multiple gunshot wounds after Israel spread pictures of him and his slain son in Israeli attire, seemingly to fool the world into thinking that they were attacked by Palestinians.

“Israel tore down the wall we were seeking cover behind, but a Fatah leader saved the bullets that had pierced the wall,” Al Dorra said.

He called on those of “Arab conscience” to stand by him as he seeks the conviction of Israel in the killing of his son.

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