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Al-Maliki a ‘trouble-maker’, says Kurdistan's head of foreign relations

Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Al-Maliki accused by Kurdistan's head of foreign relations of fabricating problems to distract public from his government's failures

Ahram Online, Thursday 10 Jan 2013
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Views: 1453

The head of foreign relations at the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq, Falah Moustafa, has accused the Iraqi prime minister and head of the federal government, Nuri Al-Maliki, of creating and fabricating problems to cover up the failures of his government, according to a Saudi newspaper.

Moustafa also asked Al-Maliki to focus on improving the performance of his government and on solving the needs and wants of the Iraqi nation instead of looking for excuses for his failures, Al-Watan reported.

Moustafa also stressed that the interests of the country required Kurds to remain within the political process. He also blamed the federal government for the continued violence and lawlessness, the consolidation of sectarianism and the imposition of a military solution on violators.

On the current crisis in Anbar, Moustafa said it came in response to the actions and violations of the Iraqi prime minister, noting that it was unacceptable for forces associated with the PM to raid the office and home of Finance Minister Rafie Al-Issawi.

He continued, "We are puzzled by Al-Maliki's actions and his continuous fabrications to blind society from his failures by making them focus on other issues. The moment the American troops left, he began creating troubles. Firstly with Vice President Tareq Al-Hashemi, then with the director of the Central Bank, and now with Al-Issawi."

He added, "We [the Kurds] have never thought of withdrawing from the government because we want to be part of the political process. We want to influence change from the inside rather than the outside…"



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