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Intel unveils revolutionary microchip technology

Consuming less energy, costing less money; the new tri-gate chip introduced by Intel that will be available end-of-year allows for exponential growth in computing power

Ahram Online, Thursday 5 May 2011
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Views: 1780

Intel has unveiled a breakthrough in transistor technology that they call “tri-gate,” which exponentially increases the computing power of microchips.

The largest chip producer in the world started developing this new technology in 2002 based on a three-dimensional structure that allows bundling more energy into smaller spaces, consuming less power.

Another beauty in this design is that it costs less to manufacture.

Consumers can expect to see tri-gate in Tablets, PC’s and cellular devices by the end of this year.

Intel’s senior fellow, Mark Bohr, labelled the new invention a “major technical breakthrough and historic innovation” in microprocessors during the press conference held to announce tri-gate.

Observers expect this invention to grant Intel a leap over its competitors; who have succeeded to keep the pioneer conglomerate out of the smart phone business in past years.

Tri-gate further proves former Intel chairman, Gordon Moore’s theory that stipulates that chip capacity and computer power doubles every two years. Moore’s theory accurately described computing reality for the past 50 years, but it was widely thought to have become obsolete. Now, with this new breakthrough, the theory holds ground.

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