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VIDEO: Egypt's 'Pyramid Shake' dance fails to impress the police

Egyptians join 'Harlem Shake' dance craze; police are not impressed

Saturday 23 Feb 2013

'Harlem Shake' at Giza Pyramids
Views: 5935
Views: 5935

Egyptian police are likely not fans of the YouTube "Harlem Shake" craze after hundreds of people – and one camel – encountered resistance from police as they were trying to film their own version of the dance at the pyramids: the "Haram Shake."

The group's Facebook page says they were stopped short, but they actually did manage to upload a 30-second video.

The video starts off with one masked man doing pelvis thrusts with the pyramids (haram in Arabic) in the background and another man wearing a galabiya nonchalantly walking past with a camel.

With the weather warming up, one man felt he only needed to wear a bowtie and white shorts as he leads the camel into a backdrop of people in costumes doing the Harlem Shake with the pyramids in view. 

A group of Australian teens started the dance craze after uploading a 31-second clip on the Internet that features an excerpt from the song "Harlem Shake" by electronic musician Baauer.  

The pelvic-thrusting clip has been viewed more than 12 million times since being uploaded to YouTube on 2 February.


'Haram Shake'

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