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Cairo's creativity centre hosts films on Spanish history

Series entitled 'Cinema for Change' shows films dealing with the rule of Spain's authoritarian General Franco

Ahram Online, Sunday 10 Jun 2012
Salvador Puig Antich
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Views: 1692

A series of films on the history of Spain entitled 'Cinema for Change'  will be held at the Artistic Creativity Centre at the Opera House from Sunday 17 June until Friday 22 June.

The series is organised by the Cultural Development Fund and the Spanish Embassy in Cairo and highlights films that explore the legacy of General Franco's authoritarian rule on Spain.
Sunday 17 June
Spain in the Era of Freedom (2004) by Luis Martín del Olmo
The documentary covers major events in Spain between the years 1976 and 2005. It starts with post-Franco Spain and the writing of a new constitution before tackling the failed coup of February 1981, the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona and the Seville Expo in the same year. 
The film also covers the violent campaign of Basque separatists and the terrorist attacks of March 11 2004.
Monday 18 June
7 days in January (1979) by Juan Antonio Bardem
The film sheds light on the 1977 massacre of Atosha, in which specialists in labour law and members of the workers' commission trade union were killed by neo-fascists. The incident took place during the Spanish transition to democracy after the death of Franco.
Tuesday 19 June
23-F: la película (2011) by Chema de la Peña
The film is the first one to discuss the failed coup d'etat of 1981, which took place on 23 February and ended the next day. 
The attempted uprising started with the storming of the Spanish Congress of Deputies during the election of the county's new prime minister. After holding the parliament members  hostage for 18 hours, the assailants surrendered.
Wednesday 20 June
El disputado voto del señor Cayo (1986) by Antonio Giménez Rico
An adaptation of the novel by Miguel Delibes, this film deals with a leftist group which visits a small village during a parliamentary campaign and meets with the mayor of the village 'Cayo', who is very attached to the land. Cayo's philosophical words have a strong influence on the political activists.
Thursday 21 June
Salvador Puig Antich (2004) by Manuel Huerga
Screened in the Un Certain Regard section in Cannes in 2006, this film tells the story of the last execution in the Franco era. It follows the family, colleagues and lawyers of a young militant of the Iberian Liberation Movement, Puig Antich, and their attempts to prevent his execution.
Lobo (2004) by Miguel Courtois
The film is based on the life of Mikel Lejarza (Lobo), who worked as a double agent for Spanish intelligence, infiltrating the Basque separatist organisation ETA.  He was reportedly responsible for thwarting one quarter of the organisation's activities.
All screenings start at 6pm at the Artistic Creativity Centre at the Cairo Opera House.
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