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'Happy' videos flood YouTube; Egypt among the highest views in MENA region: VIDEOS

As the international wave of video clips to Pharrell Williams' 'Happy' keeps infusing YouTube with joy, Egypt's renditions are among the highest viewed in the region

Ahram Online, Sunday 8 Jun 2014
Stills from 'Happy' video clips. From top left clockwise: Egypt, Palestine, Yemen, Dubai.
Views: 2104
Views: 2104

Since early 2014, Pharrell Williams' 'Happy' from the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack served as inspiration for hundreds to create their own visuals to accompany the hit single.

Williams' song spawned videos from countries across the globe, with clips often particular to given countries or cities. Some countries or cities saw a number of different video clips posted, by different directors and groups.

From the MENA region, Egypt, Kuwait, UAE, Yemen, Tunisia, Palestine, Jordan and other countries are not behind in their share of 'Happy' video clips.

One Egypt version posted by Disalata is among the clips that reached the highest viewership from the region, with over 1.1 million views. It is also one of the rare clips that replaces the original Williams' lyrics with an Arabic translation.

From Egypt, other groups posted renditions of the song keeping the original Pharrell Williams' recording and lyrics. A group callled AIESEC AAST that posted a version of Happy scored 230,000 views. The 3 Wise Monkeys Productions 'Happy' exceeded 100,000 views to date.

Among the highest viewerships was reached by 'Happy' Abu Dhabi, posted in March, exceeding 1.5 million views. The UAE's 'Happy' Dubai video posted in February reached over 370,000.

Another impressive number of views was received by 'Happy' Yemen, at over half a million views in a very short time since the video was posted to YouTube only two weeks ago.

As the wave of 'Happy' videos continues, versions keep being uploaded to YouTube from the Americas to Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.

Below are a few 'Happy' video clips from Egypt and the MENA region.








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