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Ten places to get a chocolate dessert for Christmas lunch in Cairo

Ahram Online highlights the top 10 chocolate indulgence destinations in Cairo

Dina Ezzat , Wednesday 4 Jan 2017
House of Cocoa Facebook page
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House of Cocoa

Those in the mood to introduce a large cake or a selection of small and mini cakes for the dessert of their Christmas lunch—given Coptic Christmas' already generous selection of traditional cookies—might contemplate an assortment of home-made Belgian chocolates from House of Cocoa.

The quality is not quite what you would find at say Godiva or Neuhaus -- but the pralines and truffles provide a tasty bite, with milk, white, and dark chocolate varieties to choose from.

They come thick and thin, round and irregular, with and without nuts -- but they come dear; beware the bill if you're stocking up for a crowd.

Cake Café

Cake Facebook page

There are so many ways to indulge in the chocolate desserts of Cake Café – they come in straight chocolate, with caramel and nut variations, cupcakes, pound cakes and more. There is also a diet variation to consider.

For Christmas lunch or dinner, the most obvious choice seems to be the all chocolate cake, with chocolate topping.

It is a perfect winter dessert anyway, but particularly designed to please those who care for a deep and intense style of chocolate devouring, especially after close to six week of chocolate starvation for those who observed the fast.

The cake is also large enough to allow the hosts to cater for 10 to 15 people.

Cake varieties are also available by the slice, so customers can assemble a diverse selection of bites.


Cakes House

Cake House  Facebook page

The name of this patisserie is all about the quality of what it offers: truly home-baked style cakes.

And typically, the best of the truly home-baked cakes are the chocolate selections.

One cannot miss the brownies, walnut brownies and chocolate cookies.

But the ultimate attraction here is the American-recipe chocolate cake, which is often served with an extra rich chocolate sauce – wonderful served warm.

Equally inviting is the fudge chocolate cake that is as rich and warm as a winter dessert should be.

The prices at Cakes House are one of its many assets—more affordable than most patisseries, without a cost in quality.



Delight  Facebook page

This is the ultimate tart destination, with so many variations of chocolate and chocolate-plus options. Delight offers Maltesers, Twix and Mars tarts along with mini tartlets of chocolate and strawberries or chocolate and caramel.

Delight is also ready with a variety of chocolate cakes – and there is the real surprise: a dark chocolate cake that is both light and satisfying for the true chocolate addict. It offers itself as a perfect centerpiece on the dessert buffet and is big enough to serve at least ten.



Exception Facebook page

Exception has a considerable variety of Christmas themes – including the chocolate cupcakes with icing for the Holidays.

They also offer their clients the chance to have their Christmas cakes made upon request with the selected icing and filling.

However, for those who just wish to go for a "regular" chocolate cake for their Christmas lunch/dinner, Exception offers everything from the kit-kat torte to the rocher. The latter is particularly popular, given its soft texture and rich taste – but also given its good price.

For those who care for the ice-cream cakes and mud cakes, Exception is also the place to consider a good selection of each.


Four Fat Ladies

Four Fat Ladies  Facebook page

Since they started their operation about a couple of years ago, the very mention of Four Fat Ladies has been associated with the inevitable reference of their brownies.

The Four Fat Ladies brownies are among the best in town; they observe a recipe that bakes those perfect dark squares as they should be: rich and almost sensational.

Four Fat Ladies are also known for their mouth-watering Nutella chocolate cake, and of course the chocolate and pecan options, which are not that common around the Cairo patisseries.

Their less known but equally inviting chocolate feast is the Four Fat Ladies orange-chocolate cake with a thin chocolate topping.

The mix is exactly right – and it is exactly designed for the winter mood.

It is always possible to infuse yet another taste if the cake is served after being so lightly warmed and served with ice cream – vanilla is safe, but strawberry is an idea worth trying; and caramel is not exactly right.



Paul  Facebook page

Many think of Paul as the right place to indulge in the tarte flan and the raspberry or mango charlotte. And this is absolutely true. But if one thinks Paul, it is practically impossible to overlook their selection of chocolate cakes, including the chocolate mille-feuille، éclair, tartlets and of course macarons.

Paul also has the regular intense chocolate cake and its chocolate swiss roll – each is enough for six to eight people.

For a dessert that should cater for a larger group, there is always the very soft black forest.


La Poire

La Poire Facebook page

This is perhaps the one patisserie that is always easy to stop by – it is really all over, not just in the capital, but in almost every single big governorate.

For years, La Poire has been identified for its one-cake-fits-all item: a half-black forest and-half fruit sponge cake. It later developed a reputation for the mille-feuille mix cake that brings together the four-tastes-in-one of La Poire’s most popular cakes, including the chocolate mille-feuille.

However, the chocolate gateaux of La Poire is what attracts most of its clients, especially the chocolate balls and the dark chocolate mousse.

Of course, the chocolate gateaux selection of La Poire also includes the classic eclairs that are said to be among La Poire’s most popular delices.



Tortina Facebook page

Charisma is Tortina’s crispy base, creamy chocolate and hazelnut croquand topping. Swan Lake is Tortina’s chocolate fudge cake, caramel chocolate mousse and sauted apples.

These are only two of the many chocolate cakes that Tortina has to offer – either in full or in slices for those who wish to craft their own mix-and-matched cakes.

There is also a wide selection of chocolate tartes, including the traditional selections, with the chocolate mousse coming on top, and the more fashionable variations of kit-kat and twix tarts.

But the one thing that cannot be overlooked at Tortina’s is their turtle chocolate cheese cake – if only for its chocolate sablet crust.



Zanobia  Facebook page

This is the place to go to if one is considering something out of the ordinary – not that they are short on the traditional recipes of chocolate cakes.

It is rather that Zanoubia is exactly the place where one can have the chance to choose between two cakes that are baked to please to those of diverse tastes: One has the combination of dark chocolate mousse, white chocolate mousse and berries and the very traditional fruit cake; the other is basically a traditional chocolate sponge with toppings of M&Ms, Kit-Kat and Maltesers.

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