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Inside Posh Boutique's next collection, triggered by a competition

Ahram Online gets an exclusive preview into the winning designer's soft vision for the new collection at Posh Boutique

Sama Eissa, Wednesday 6 Jun 2012
Designers with their models (Photo: Natalie Ayoub)
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Views: 1967

“Ambition, anticipation, and dreams coming to life” is the essence of Posh Boutique competition that took place at Zamalek on 22 May, encouraging the springing talents and giving them a chance to shine.

Although Egypt has limited, local fashion designers, the approach of the Posh Boutique competition draws their attention and encourages those hidden, thirsty talents out to the spotlight.

The competition was initially proposed on Facebook. Designers interested in competing were asked to submit a photo of a model wearing their dress inspired by the Great Gatsby's roaring 20's.

From the start of the online competition the rise and fall of the online voting spiced things up and raised the anticipation. From all the beautiful designs, only three finalists with the highest votes made it to the actual competition that was held at Posh Boutique at Zamalek, leaving the decision in the hands of three judges: Dina Ayesh designer of Dina Ayash Night, Reem Gamil editor of What Woman Want magazine and Rasha el Gamal TV host.

The prize? The winner’s work gets displayed for an entire season with Posh Boutique, they get an exclusive Posh Boutique photo shoot displayed in their vitrine and media coverage of the winning designer in What Women Want magazine.

Noha Atta’s dress turns heads, and eyes, to her soft, cute style. An inside preview into her new collection reveals baby collars, pleats along a high waist and pastels as signature to what she will bring to Posh Boutique; which will certainly contrast with the edgy, sharp colours and style that the boutique is known for. A student at the Fashion Design Centre, Atta is a stickler for details. What is admirable about the winning dress is its originality. It’s not like anything you have seen before.

Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance,” said the timeless Coco Chanel, and so was Noha Atta’s dress, within the restraints of the theme. The simplicity of the dress was the element of surprise.

Many factors contributed to the dresses’ success: the design was focused on the 20’s and didn’t drift from the theme. The bias cut was beautifully defined as it draped elegantly, creating an optical illusion sway on the back. The lace fabric with its artistic openwork fabric reflected soft femininity. The colour was neither too bright nor too dull, a perfect matte with a golden shine.

How did the judges decide that this is the winning dress?  Dina Ayash one of the three judges shares with Ahram Online” Just the look of it. You can spot a winning dress among many because it is suppose to stand out from the rest. Many factors will contribute in shaping my opinion though; the most important of them is the neatness of finishing.

The other two dresses where fun and playful, but they didn’t measure up to the standards of the winning dress in terms of staying true to the era, fabric, colour or accessories.

For designers attempting to make a statement and be a rising designer, Posh Boutique has created such opportunity. 


Sama Eissa, after receiving her BA in Politics, pursued her passion for fashion. She is currently in the midst of obtaining her Fashion Design Diploma, in a joint programme with the Instituto di Moda Burgo from the Fashion Design Centre. She takes fashion seriously, considering that every woman wakes up thinking to herself what she’s going to wear that day. A woman wants to reflect who she is. 


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