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Saturday, 31 October 2020

Words from the heart: Sir Magdi Yacoub speaks to Egypt amid coronavirus crisis

The internationally renowned heart surgeon took the time to reach out to his fellow citizens with words from the heart

Injy Deif , Sunday 29 Mar 2020
Magdi Yacoub, source: MYF
Magdi Yacoub (Photo: MYF)
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Views: 6972
Today, in the midst of the uncertainty and fear that have gripped the world because of the novel coronavirus pandemic, those who are held in high esteem in the hearts of Egyptians spoke out with words of comfort and solidarity, at the top of whom was Dr Magdi Yacoub.
The honorary president of the Yacob Heart Foundation addressed the nation in a heartwarming video where he urged everyone to act responsibly and stay at home.
Sir Magdi said that Egyptians should come together to face this pandemic and fight the virus by abiding by the government’s measures and staying home unless it is an emergency. This will reduce the infection rate and lift pressure off the country’s healthcare system, which will save lives.
“We have to work together as one unit, right now, before we face a true calamity,” Dr Yacoub said, stressing the importance of following credible sources of information about the virus from acknowledged institutions and universities and dismiss rumors and hoaxes.
Furthermore, Sir Magdi lauded Egypt's ability to overcome difficulties, tribulations and challenges throughout the ages with solidarity and cooperation between all segments of society.
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