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Autumn can be colourful: What fun a glass of juice can bring

'Juice Me Up' and the pleasure of indulging in colourful and bright smoothies and shakes

Dina Ezzat , Thursday 25 Oct 2018
Juice Me Up ( Face Book page)
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Views: 9433

A large glass full of chocolate milkshake with a nice splash of M&Ms sprinkled on top along with a generous punch of whipped cream; two glasses full of mango and strawberry smoothies; a glass with a purple shake and lots of whipped cream and chocolate crumbs on top; all these are carefully served by a waiter who is proud and happy to serve a high table surrounded by four stools.

The drinks look gigantic. The M&M shake, which has vanilla ice cream, chocolate and caramel sauces; the cheesecake shake, which is a small slice of cheesecake blended with blueberry and raspberry syrups along with a pinch of strawberry; and a bit of vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce are bringing big smiles and incredible pleasure to the faces of two kids of nine and 11. The drinks look not just colourful and bright, but also intense.

The mango and strawberry smoothies are no less colourful. They are also deep and intense.

It is never an easy decision for a child to make if they land their eyes on a menu that has endless choices of milkshakes that include Maltesers, Twix and Mars, smoothies with appetising fruit mixes, and lots of chocolate-based drinks, cold and warm.

But it is still in the early days of autumn, and while kids are getting back to school, they are not yet ready to part ways with the summer and get into the evenings of hot chocolate with marshmallows on top.

Juice Me Up is a place that kids would like to visit, not just for the tasty drinks but also for the fun atmosphere at its many branches in Heliopolis, Maadi and New Cairo. 

Apart from the stools and high tables that children seem to really like, there are also bright and colourful beanbags, although they may not always be suitable for restless young kids who may get up to shenanigans on the unstable seats while holding large drinks in their small hands.

However, the waiters at Juice Me Up are always more than willing to handle any spills.

And because a couple might like to enjoy a simple freshly made juice or fruit milkshake for around EGP 100, the place is also popular among school and university students who like to enjoy a watermelon milkshake or an iced mocha.

If you are not accompanied by children, are above the age of 40, or in the middle of a shopping day, it is less likely that Juice Me Up would be an immediate attraction now that it is no longer the heart of summer, where a cold shake or juice would have been most welcome. 

Then again, as one waiter said, who says that autumn in Egypt is devoid of the taste of summer? It still gets a too warm, especially during the day.

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