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Traveler's tips: 7 mobile apps that will (really) change the way you travel

Nour Eldin Ebrahim , Monday 19 Dec 2016
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Views: 5186

I bet you've seen a million articles touting the same advice. So, I decided not to include anything that won't GENUINELY change how you do things. And believe me, after 5 years of traveling, I know how you do things.

Google Trips [Android/iOS]


If, like me, you get lost with your plans, plane tickets, hotel confirmations, etc, Google is here to help you out! This app scans your Gmail for tickets, accommodation confirmations—any type of reservation—and automatically groups them into a "Trips" file you can check through the app. So now, you can easily skim through your whole itinerary without breaking a sweat! A very cool app that will change how you organize your travel papers.

Lounge Buddy [Android/iOS]

A lot of people don’t know that there are lounges in the airport you can actually enter! I discovered this recently. Having a credit card or a frequent flier number will admit you to many of them around the world's airports; this app helps you get acquainted. You add your trip, and the app tells you about the lounges along your itinerary and how you can get access. Very useful and made my trip more enjoyable (You've got to try the MasterCard Cairo Airport Lounge)!

Rome2Rio [Android/iOS]

One of the most famous travel websites on the internet now has a mobile app!
This app is the easiest, most convenient tool to help you get from point A to point B, wherever these points may be. Try, for example, searching for the way to get from your home address to a certain address in Europe; you will be amazed at the details!

PackPoint [Android/iOS]


Packing is arguably the most important skill to master if you are a backpacker. Also, it's always a mess, and you always forget something. I've been using this app for a while now, and it has changed my "packing life" forever! You give it some details on the city you are visiting, the trip length and the activities you might get up to. The app then generates a packing list, with lots and lots of options and tricks to customize the right pack for you.

Hotel Tonight [Android/iOS]

Hotel tonight

How many times have you had a sudden change in the plan while traveling? You get tired, miss a flight, can't bear to leave, and you're suddenly in a city with no accommodation reserved and needing somewhere to stay for a night or 2? Here is a nifty solution: Hotel Tonight.

This app partners with a lot of hotel providers around the world that sell last-minute rooms left vacant after "check-in" time for knock-down prices. It’s a win-win: you get a room for the low price, and they don’t have empty rooms for the night. This app has saved me many times.

Viator [Android/iOS]


Your one-stop shop for finding tours, activities and figuring out what to do in a city you are visiting for the first time. Viator is part of the famous TripAdvisor group. It offers a wonderful mine of activities and paid guided tours. If you don’t know what you want to do but have got some spare cash, this is a clever way to fit something extra into your trip.

RueBaRue [iOS]


Now this is truly revolutionary. I used it on my last trip, and it's just amazing!

I was in Berlin for 3 days, had no plans and hadn't done any research. So, I opened this cool website and created a must-see, 3-day, fast-paced travel guide in less than a minute.
And BAM, here I am with a map of 11 must-see places, with careful planning for time at every location, and a schedule that takes into consideration the distance between attractions, to make the most of my day with efficiency!

Unfortunately, this cool app is only iOS so far. But luckily it has a web version that I used on my Android mobile. You should definitely check this one out.

Got more revolutionary apps? Share with us!


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