Meditation ceremony to save Planet Earth at Pyramids cancelled

Nevine El-Aref , Saturday 5 Nov 2011

Preparations for a meditation ceremony at the footsteps of the Great Pyramid of Giza 11 November, ostensibly to save the earth, created a brouhaha among Egyptologists and led to its cancellation

the pyramid shaped crystal

On Friday, 11 November, a polish foundation supporting archaeological research, DAR SWIATOWIDA, will group people from all over the globe at the footsteps of the Great Pyramid of Giza for a meditation "ceremony of love" to strengthen the power of the pyramid in that special day (11-11-2011) to save the earth from cosmic threats.

According to the president of DAR SWIATOWIDA, Andrzej Wojcikiewicz, the pyramid's energy would be strengthened and through the installation of two interpenetrated pyramid-shaped crystals, produced in India out of mountain crystal, inside the granite sarcophagus found in the king’s burial chamber inside the pyramid.

The special day of 11-11-2011, Wojcikiewicz said, is a unique opportunity for people from all over the world to join in meditation in order to send the energy of love towards Egypt, towards the Great Pyramid, and towards earth.

“This will be a global meditation to help Mother Earth, to help in protecting the earth and its people against further escalation of violence and cataclysms as well as for spiritual awakening,” he explains.

According to DAR SWIATOWIDA’s event website, entitled Cheops Project, on 11 November there would be two ceremonies at Giza Plateau from 11:00am to midnight.

The morning ceremony will be inside the king’s chamber of the Great Pyramid where a man and a woman described as “Human Angels” will place the crystal pyramid in the sarcophagus on two golden bars supported by four granite cubes.

The golden bars are inscribed with a verse saying “Man doesn’t live by bread alone.”

Human angels, continued Wojcikiewicz, will then meditate in the chamber for 75 minutes to energise the crystal pyramids.

At the evening ceremony, which starts at 11:00pm, Wojcikiewicz says on the website, all invitees to the event will meditate in circles hand-in-hand around the Great Pyramid in order to send the energy of love directly to the pyramid shaped crystals inside the sarcophagus, which in turn will strengthen the energy of the pyramid and be connected to other pyramids all over the globe to activate all energy points, or so-called "chakras".

“This should create a protective shield around the earth to protect us against any unwanted cosmic events such as sunspot activity, comets and Planet X that [could] cause many problems,” Wojcikiewicz confirmed.

The idea of the ceremony goes back to 2006 when DAR SWIATOWIDA sponsored an archaeological survey carried out by Egypt’s National Institute for Astronomy and Geophysics Research at the Giza Plateau where a collection of chambers were found beneath the whole plateau.

Wojcikiewicz pointed out that excavation in the area was rejected by the Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA) at the time, which led the foundation to sponsor other excavation works in 2008, at Hawara Necropolis in Fayoum, almost 90 kilometres south of Giza.

The excavation was carried out by the Faculty of Archaeology at Cairo University in collaboration with Wroclaw University in Poland, according to a scientific agreement. The excavation stopped in 2009 for unknown reasons, Wojcikiewicz said.

At the time it was said that Zahi Hawass, former minister of state for antiquities, stopped the mission for national security reasons.

“I do believe the Great Pyramid was built to save the earth by a much more advanced civilization and not by the ancients,” said Wojcikiewicz in as YouTube interview.

“How can the ancients built the pyramid with 2,300,000 huge blocks, running them over ramps without any tools or even metals to consolidate these blocks together?” He adds: “Until now nobody for sure know who, how and when the pyramid was built.” I am pretty sure that the pyramid was not built as a tomb for kings; it was built to save the universe and for the stability of the earth,” Wojcikiewicz asserted.

When Egyptologists got to know about the ceremony, which got the SCA’s approval, they rose up in arms against the event.

Some Egyptologists see that it is a childish game that insults a distinguished symbol of Egyptian civilisation, while others feel it is an expression of Jewish masonic belief that they are the pyramids’ builders and not the ancient Egyptians, despite the fact that during the 1990s Hawass and his team stumbled upon the pyramid builders' cemetery at the Giza Plateau.

Ali Radwan, head of the Arab Archaeologists Union, told Ahram Online that the SCA should refuse the event and not provide opportunity to all and sundry to practice rituals at the foot of the Great Pyramid. “Similar events were rejected before by the SCA during previous tenures,” Radwan asserted.

A member of the SCA's staff, who requested anonymity, told Ahram Online that he knew that among the meditators are 1200 Jewish who want to put a symbol of the Star of David on top of the Great Pyramid in order to confirm that they are the real builders, not the ancient Egyptians.

In a quick interview, Ali El-Asfar, SCA head of the Giza Plateau, responded that this is not true and that nobody will anything on the pyramid. He said that the SCA’s approval of the ceremony came after all security authorities in Egypt approved the event, and that it would be monitored and supervised by inspectors. “If something wrong happened, or if any damage could occur, the whole event would be stopped,” El-Asfar said.

For his part, former SCA Secretary General Abdel Halim Noureddin said he was against the event if it entailed placing the Star of David on the pyramid. He said that Jews have frequently tried to do so since 1931, when members of the masonic movement considered themselves the pyramids’ builders.

The brouhaha created led SCA Secretary General Mostafa Amin to cancel the event, sending a press release late last night confirming the cancellation. In the release, Amin asserted that the event was not organised by a Jewish Masonic organisation but a Polish organisation that sent a request to the SCA to hold meditation event at the Giza pyramids. The request, the release said, was being studied by legal consultants as well as security authorities.

“Due to rumours spread and the brouhaha created, that the event has religious aspects, the whole event has been cancelled,” the release said.

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