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New Release: 'Paradise of the Possessed' by Mahmoud Al-Ghitany

The book is a collection of interviews with more than 30 Arab authors

Ossama Lotfy Fateem , Monday 24 Dec 2018
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Views: 2559

Ganet Al-Mamsossin (Paradise of the Possessed) by: Mahmoud Al-Ghitany, (GEBO:Cairo), 2018.

The General Egyptian Book Organisation (GEBO) has released a new book titled Ganet Al-Mamsossin (The Possessed Paradise) by author and critic Mahmoud Al Ghitany.

The book, which hit the market last week, is a collection of interviews conducted by Al-Ghitany with more than 30 authors that were published in Arab and Egyptian newspapers over the past two years.

The book is original on two fronts.

First, the fact that the interviews are conversations between two authors gives them more weight than they would have had if conducted by a reporter.

Each party is aware of the other’s work, and the conversations tackle the difficult issues that each author has dealt with through his work or public positions.

The interviews also shed light on North African authors, including authors from Libya, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco that Egyptian audiences are not as familiar with.

Al-Ghitany brings these writers to the reader in a way that sparks their interest to explore their work after seeing a glimpse of their personalities.

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