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Egyptian child Maysarah wins Austria 2020 'Person of the Year' award

Egyptian child Maysarah wins Austria 2020 "Person of the Year" award

Reham El-Adawi , Tuesday 27 Oct 2020
Egyptian child Maysara awarded Austria Person of the Year award by Die Presse newspaper
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Views: 4158

Minister of State for Immigration and Egyptians Affairs Abroad Nabila Makram communicated with Egyptian child Maysarah who won the Austrian "Person of the Year" award for showing the graciousness of Egyptians abroad in the time of Covid-19.

Ambassador Nabila Makram, Minister of State for Immigration and Egyptians Affairs Abroad, made a phone call to the Egyptian child Maysara Mahmoud Makled who is currently living in Austria. She called to congratulate him on winning the title of "Person of the Year" for the current year of 2020, as a result of his societal efforts and the launching of an initiative that succeeded in supporting and assisting senior citizens in light of the emerging corona virus crisis that has swept the world recently.

In the same context, Makram expressed her pride in the children of Egyptians abroad, and the wonderful examples that they set in serving those around them, stressing that the Corona pandemic showed the positive manners of Egyptians abroad and their magnanimity in many situations, starting with the launch of the initiative "Let us Support One Another" and passing through helping the community members in the countries where they reside.

Ambassador Makram added that the Austrian Advisor Sebastian Kurtz, handed over Maysara Mahmoud, son of the Sohag Governorate in Upper Egypt, the award given by Die Presse newspaper in appreciation of his activity in public work.

The Austrian Advisor praised the efforts of Maysara, who established an initiative on Instagram, with the help of a number of his colleagues, to help elderly people meet their needs in the city of Vienna to face the repercussions of the Corona virus, and a list of numbers was developed for elderly people to communicate with them.

A number of Maysara's family members and members of the Egyptian community in Vienna participated in the honor, his father Mahmoud Makled explained that his son loves to participate in community initiatives in Austria, and is keen to integrate in the service of the needy, without any discrimination, stressing his interest in writing researches on Egypt throughout the academic year and publishing reports about the most beautiful places in Egypt on social media posts.

In this respect, the Minister of Immigration asked Maysarah to invite a number of his friends in Austria to visit Egypt and learn about its history and civilization through the "Forums of the Second Generation" initiative organized by the ministry.

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