US ambassador visits Muslim Brotherhood HQ
Ahram Online, Wednesday 18 Jan 2012
US ambassador to Egypt Ann Peterson visits Muslim Brotherhood HQ in Cairo, discusses political and economic relations between the two nations

US ambassador to Egypt Ann Peterson met senior members of the Muslim Brotherhood on Wednesday at the organisation’s headquarters in Cairo.

Peterson discussed political and economic relations between Egypt and the US with Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie and Secretary General
Mahmoud Hussein.

Hussein reported that Badie told the ambassador that US support for dictators had damaged the country’s popularity, and that the US must act positively to solve the Palestinian issue if it wanted to improve its standing in the Arab and Muslim worlds.

Peterson admitted that the US made some mistakes in the past and hoped they would not recur in the future. She added that democracy would help build a stable partnership between the two countries.

Badie told the ambassador that Egypt suffered from the misallocation of resources and the upcoming period required all political parties and powers to work together.

He went on to say that Sharia law is the principle source of legislation in Egypt and is the biggest guarantee of freedom because it protects freedom of religion and personal freedom for all citizens.

The ambassador said the economic situation in Egypt was difficult and the country needed to accept loans from the World Bank. In response, Badie said the loan should be discussed by the newly elected parliament.