147 Brotherhood schools to be seized by Egypt's Education Ministry
Ahram Online, Monday 9 Dec 2013
The Egyptian Ministry of Education is to replace the administrative bodies of schools belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood with members of parents' associations and selected staff

Egypt's Ministry of Education commenced procedures to seize the management of 147 schools belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood following a government decree to freeze the group's assets and activities.

The schools – which are located in a number of governorates including Cairo, Giza, Alexandria, Assiut and Gharbiya – will be placed under the financial and administrative supervision of the ministry, reported Al-Ahram's daily newspaper.

Another 85 schools under investigation were exempted from the move due to having multiple owners, many of whom are not Brotherhood members.

The ministry will nominate new headmasters for the 147 schools, as well as restructure their boards of directors, to replace existing members with members of parents' associations and teachers, who would receive extensive administrative training, sources told Al-Ahram.

A Cairo court ordered on 23 September the banning of all institutions belonging to the Brotherhood, those related to it or being funded by it, as well as freezing the group's capital and assets.