Arab League rejects foreign military intervention in Libya
Ahram Online, Wednesday 2 Mar 2011
Resolutions expected in Arab League meeting include aid, investigations and guarantees of no military intervention. Libya has been banned from any Arab League meetings

The Arab League issued an announcement on Tuesday rejecting foreign military intervention in Libya amidst the current uprising there.

The announcement came before a meeting by the Arab League Wednesday in preparation for a vote by the 22-member body on a draft resolution on Libya.

Arab League deputy secretary-general, Ambassador Ahmed bin-Heli said that the draft resolution will include express aid to be sent to Libya, as well as a fact-finding mission and guarantees of no military intervention by any of the Arab states.

The decisions follow strong condemnation from the Arab League Council last week, when Libyan delegations were banned from participating in the Arab League and all bodies affiliated with it.

In attempts to weaken Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi, EU sanctions were suggested earlier this week, including an asset freeze on Gaddafi and his circle as well as imposing a no-fly zone over Libya.

The situation in Libya is developing rapidly, as Gaddafi loyalists and mercenaries battle anti-government protesters and army defectors who are challenging his 42 year rule.

Most of the eastern oil-rich Libya has fallen to anti-government forces, as well as some cities in the west, such as Zawiya.