Egyptian Islamist fighter jailed for insulting court during terrorism trial
ِAhram Online, Wednesday 7 May 2014
Adel Habara, who is on trial for the execution-style killing of 25 policemen in northern Sinai last year, is jailed for two years for insulting the court

An Islamist fighter accused of killing 25 policemen has been jailed for insulting judiciary, a judicial source told Ahram Online.

Adel Habara has been detained for over eight months for his alleged involvement in the execution-style killing of 25 policemen in an ambush in the Sinai Peninsula.

The killings in August 2013 were among the deadliest attacks since the ouster of Islamist president Mohamed Morsi last July.

The court on Tuesday adjourned to 25 May the case in which Habara and 34 co-defendants are being triedfor the killings.

The defendants are accused of carrying out terrorist crimes in the unruly peninsula, where an Islamist insurgency is growing, and in the capital Cairo, as well as conspiring with Al-Qaeda militant group in Iraq.

Tuesday's sentence was for insulting the judiciary during a hearing in which Habara repeated a phrase showing disagreement with the court.

In April, Habara was sentenced to one year in prison, also for contempt of court.

Hundreds of troops and security personnel have been killed in shootings and bombings since Morsi's removal last summer on the back of massive protests against his rule.

Islamist militants say the violence is in retaliation for the government's crackdown on Morsi supporters that has killed hundreds and jailed thousands of others, including the former president.

The same court last week sentenced the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mohammad Badie, and 20 others to one year in jail for insulting the court during a trial in which Morsi is also a defendant.