Twelve Cairo U students accused of attacking deputy dean in protests
Ahram Online, Thursday 21 Apr 2011
Cairo University students are formally accused before a disciplinary committee of mobbing the dean’s deputy office in their protests to remove their mass media department dean, Sami Abdel Aziz

Twelve students from Cairo University’s mass media department face disciplinary action for allegedly attacking their deputy head during demonstrations to push for the ouster of their dean.

A statement released today by the university slammed the protesting students, accusing them of punching Hassan Emad, the deputy of the mass media department and attacking him with a sharp instrument.

According to the statement, the students surrounded Emad’s office for two hours, refused to let him leave and chanted insulting slogans against him, which led Emad to file an official complaint with Giza prosecution.

The students have been protesting for the removal of Sami Abdel Aziz, dean of mass media because of his ties to the former ruling National Democratic Party. The party is accused of monopolising politics, masterminding the attack of peaceful protesters during Egypt’s January 25 Revolution and puppeteering the torture of many citizens, among a slew of other accusations.

According to the statement, the students also damaged a university car and injured several security personnel, who also filed a complaint against them with the Giza prosecution.

Additionally, the statement points out that a similar incident took place on 23 March, 2011, when the same group of students ambushed the dean and members of the university council.

The students involved in the incident deny holding Emad hostage or attacking him.

They defended themselves, furthermore by accusing a university staff member of trying to run the students over with Emad’s car, which ignited the anger of the students and made them crack the car’s windshield.

The students also accused university security of attacking them and framing the students for broken windows, which they claim security broke intentionally with that end.

Their case was transferred today to a disciplinarian committee by university head, Hossam Kamel.