SCAF says it did not arrest revolutionary youth
Ahram Online, Tuesday 3 May 2011
Egypt's Armed Forces warn of rumours and sectarian incitements, denying accusations that is arresting revolutionary youth

The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF), the country's de-facto governing body, has released its 45th statement on its official Facebook page Tuesday saying that rumours of revolutionary youth arrests are untrue. The statement said that rumours have been spreading, claiming that the SCAF has arrested several of the revolution’s youth in the past days and confirmed that such charges are not true.

“The armed forces will never conduct such actions. It is the safety force protecting the revolution’s youth”, the statement said. It added that the SCAF has detected several Facebook groups that incite sectarian strife and threaten the stability of Egypt, alleging that such groups are operated from abroad with the aim of destabilising the country.

Finally, the statement asked the people of Egypt to be careful when hearing such rumours or incitments for the sake of Egypt’s safety.