Egypt's interior ministry says 'Brotherhood infiltrated' Mubarak verdict protests
Ahram Online, Saturday 29 Nov 2014

Egypt's interior ministry issued a statement Saturday night on the dispersal of the protestsagainst the Mubarak verdicts, saying that it has monitored all protests endorsing and condemning the ruling throughout the day.

At 8:30PM, security forces started to disperse over 3,000 protesters who had gathered throughout the eveningnear Tahrir Square to protest a court verdict that saw charges against Hosni Mubarak of killing protesters during the 2011 revolution dropped.

Security forces applied water cannons at protesters then fired teargas and birdshot, according to an Ahram Online reporter at the scene.

The statement added that the protests were peaceful until 6PM, where elements of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood joined the protests in Abdel-Moneim Reyad Square, a short distance from the closed Tahrir Square.

The Brotherhood members, the statement read, chanted anti-army and police slogans and threw rocks at the security forces.

The statement adds that protesters were warned to leave but they insisted on staying prompting the police to disperse them.