Alexandria court sets 9 February for Maheinour El-Masry verdict
El-Sayed Gamal El-Din, Monday 22 Dec 2014
Ten activists are accused of storming a police station during a protest a protest against the now-outlawed Muslim Brotherhood in 2013

Alexandria court has set 9 February for the final verdict in the trial of prominent rights lawyer Maheinour El-Masry and nine other activists on charges of storming Al-Raml police station in March 2013.

On Monday, the defence team argued in court that the defendants were randomly arrested while participating in a peaceful protest against the detention of fellow rights lawyers near the police station.

Meanwhile, defence lawyer Abdel-Rahman Al-Gohari requested the testimony of the head of Alexandria security directorate.

The defendants are also accused of setting on the same day fire to then-ruling Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party building, and attacking the police.

Earlier in the summer, Alexandria court suspended a six month sentence against El-Masry for breaking the protest law in December 2013.

El-Masry recently won 2014`sLudovic Trarieux Awardinternational rights award which isawarded annually to a lawyer for contributions to the defence of human rights.