Bahrain to hold by-elections to replace MPs who quit
AFP, Wednesday 11 May 2011
By-elections to be held in Bahrain to elect members in place of opposition MPs who resigned in protest to brutal crackdown on protest movement

Bahrain is to hold by-elections in September to replace Shiite opposition MPs who resigned in February in protest against a crackdown on anti-government protests, state media said on Wednesday.

Voters will go the polls on September 24 and a second round runoff will be held if necessary on October 1, the official BNA news agency quoted Justice Minister Sheikh Khaled bin Ali Al-Khalifa as saying.

The 40-member parliament in March accepted the resignation of 11 out of 18 MPs from the main Shiite opposition group, Al-Wefaq, who walked out in February, shortly after a month-long protest began.