Egyptian police teargas mourners of Suez shooting victims
Ahram Online, , Monday 5 Jan 2015
Police feared a funeral procession for two unarmed brothers killed by an officer would attack their headquarters

Egypt's police fired teargas at the funeral of two brothers shot dead by a police officer earlier on Monday in the city of Suez, Al-Ahram's Arabic news website reported.

Police dispersed the funeral procession due to fears that angry mourners would storm the city's security headquarters as they passed near it, Ahram reported.

The caskets was abandoned by mourners fleeing the tear gas.

The two brothers, Ahmed and Mohamed Seoudi, 23 and 26, who were riding a motorcycle, were shot for refusing inspection at a police checkpoint.

The men, who were not armed and were on their way to help their father in construction work, did not attack the checkpoint, police investigations revealed.

However, a "panicked" officer fired his weapon at the two.

Instead of firing warning shots, he aimed straight at them, Al-Ahram's Arabic news website reported.

Bullet penetrated both the victims' skulls killing them instantly.

Head of Suez Security Directorate Tarek El-Gazar told Ahram that the police officer who shot the brothers has been detained for questioning and his weapon seized, pending investigations by prosecutors.

Egyptian police have been the subjects of regular militant attacks over the last year and a half. Incidents involving amed assailants opening fire at security checkpoints are not uncommon.