Giza Zoo's most well-known chimpanzee dies
Ahram Online , Thursday 5 Mar 2015
Mouza's husband has been stricken with grief since his mate's death two days ago

A famed female chimpanzee in Egypt's main zoo has passed away after long suffering from a hereditary tumour weighing almost a stone, the zoological garden said.

Mouza had been treated for five years since she was brought to the western Cairo zoo in 2010 as the 5.5kg fatty lump, almost two-fold the size of her face, grew around her neck and shoulder.

The 8-year-old, whose Arabic name translates to 'banana', died after she underwent a removal procedure by a team of German and Egyptian medics two days ago, the Giza Zoo said on Thursday.

Last month, Mouza was set apart from her husband Koko and taken to another enclosure as her health failed, a move that some animal rights activists slammed at the time, claiming it would further undermine her condition.

Mouza was nursed back to full health in the past after surviving several operations to remove the huge growth.

"Bye Bye Mouza," the Giza zoo said in mourning for the chimp.

Since her death on Tuesday, Koko,the husband, has abstained from food, grieving the loss of his long-time better half amid attempts by medics to relieve his depression.