Issues on the table of Arab leaders at Sharm El-Sheikh summit
Ahram Online, , Saturday 28 Mar 2015
Delegates at the Arab Summit are discussing a number of issues related to Yemen, most importantly the need for a unified Yemen under the internationally recognised President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi

Participants at the Arab Summit in Sharm El-Sheik are discussing a number of points to agree upon by Saturday, which will be announced publicly later.

Egypt has submitted a draft resolution to form a joint Arab force that countries could voluntarily contribute to.

Ahram Online obtained the document containing other areas of discussion at the summit. Below are a list of the most relevant talking points:

- The importance of supporting and backing the legitimate authorities in Yemen, under President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi.

- The importance and necessity of a unified Yemen.

- Rejection and condemnation of the actions taken by the Houthi militants.

- Full support for the military actions taken by the coalition headed by Saudi Arabia to defend Yemen's internationally recognised president.

- Demands for the Houthis to leave Sanaa and other cities immediately.

- A reiteration that most Arab nations stand by Yemen's internationally recognised government.

- The importance of taking the necessary measures to reveal the human crisis in Yemen.

- A call to member countries in the Arab League and the international community to support Yemen politically and economically.