1200 Egyptians evacuated from Yemen: Foreign ministry
Ahram Online, , Friday 10 Apr 2015
About 6,000 Egyptian expats live in the now conflict stricken Yemen

At least 1200 Egyptians have been deported from Yemen since airstrikes by a Saudi-led coalition targeting Houthi rebels were launched in March.

Egypt's foreign ministry spokesman said in media statements on Friday that 70 Egyptians passed the Al-Tawal crossing between Yemen and Saudi Arabia on Thursday night.

This brings the total of Egyptians who crossed into Saudi Arabia to 970 people.

The foreign ministry had previously said its delegations in Saudi Arabia, Djibouti and Oman are coordinating with the three governments to facilitate the return of Egyptians.

Between 6,000 and 7,000 Egyptian expats are working and living in Yemen, according to an earlier estimate by Egypt's manpower and immigration ministry.

Houthi fighters have taken over several cities in Yemen, including the capital Sanaa, a development which prompted Saudi Arabia and regional allies in late March to carry out airstrikes against them to halt their advance.

Egypt has sent naval and air forces as part of the coalition but has not ruled out the possibility of deploying ground forces if needed.