8 Morsi supporters sentenced to life in prison over unrest
El-Sayed Gamal El-Din, , Tuesday 12 May 2015
The defendants were charged of illegally protesting, blocking roads and damaging public and private properties

Eight Morsi supporters were sentenced to life imprisonment in absentia Tuesday over charges of illegal protesting and for acts of violence in the eastern Al-Marg district of Cairo.

Investigations allegedly revealed that the defendants protested in Al-Marg, chanted against the army and the police, blocked the road and damaged public locales in the district.

The prosecution accused them of joining a terrorist organisation, carrying weapons, illegally protesting, resisting authorities, trying to hinder public safety and of damaging public and private buildings.

The defendants were accused by the prosecution, after hearing the testimonies of eye witnesses, of taking part in illegal protests in June 2014.

The defendants allegedly took part in protests against the death sentences of 14 Brotherhood leaders in Al-Marg and Matariya. Clashes ensued with residents of the district, which left two killed and four injured.

A protest law was passed in November 2013 banning protests without prior notice.

Egypt designated the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organisation in December 2013, criminalising the financing, activities and membership of the group.