Another power cut hits Egypt's Maspero for the second time in a month
Ahram Online, , Tuesday 26 May 2015
Egypt's electricity minister told private TV channel that the power outage was a result of a malfunction to Maspero's electricity panel

‪A power cut knocked Egyptian state television off air for the second time in a month, state news agency MENA reported.

The electricity minister Mohamed Shaker told the privately owned CBC channel that the power outage was a result of a malfunction in Maspero’s electricity panel.

Head of the news sector at the state television agency, Safaa Hegazy, told MENA that the power outage occurred for a very short time, and did not result in "black screens".

Hegazy added that emergency power generators were used during the power outage crisis.

In early May, a power cut which hit Egyptian state television channels was caused by a malfunction in the main lighting system of the Maspero building in central Cairo which houses the stations.

In mid-April, an explosion targeting the electricity pylons supplying Egyptian state-run Media Production City, where most of the country's satellite channels broadcast from, led to a power cut that forced several stations off air for a few hours.