Egyptians films screen at Amsterdam's EYE film museum
Ingy Higazy , Tuesday 9 Jun 2015
The Dutch museum is screening four feature films by Egyptian directors as part of its programme dedicated to Arab women this month

As part of a programme dedicated to Arab women in film, the EYE National Film Museum in the Dutch capital Amsterdam is screening feature films by Egyptian directors this month.

Between 5 and 21 June, its "Where Do We Go Now?" programme is to include 24 award-winning films, including several by women directors, that focus on the social, political, and economic plight of women in the Arab world.

Egyptian films in the programme include Amr Salama's Asmaa (2011), Nadine Khan's Chaos and Disorder (2012), Ayten Amin's Villa 69 (2013), and Hala Lotfy's Coming Forth by Day (2012).

Also featured are films from Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Morocco, Palestine and Lebanon, including Lebanese director and actress Nadine Labaki's feature film Where Do We Go Now?, which gives its title to the programme.

The EYE National Film Museum hosts a collection of over 40,000 films from all genres. It's an outstanding sample of film history, featuring everything from classics and blockbusters to cult films.

The EYE Film Programme, established in 2010, holds year-long film screenings and events dedicated to major film works from around the world.