Five Egypt television series to watch this Ramadan
Ahram Online, , Friday 12 Jun 2015
Ahram Online recommends five TV series scheduled to be screened during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan

1. Taht El Saytara(Under Control)

Director: Tamer Mohsen
Scriptwriter: Mariam Naoum
Producer: Gamal Al Adl
Starring: Nelly Karim, Hany Adel, Ahmed Wafik, Jihan Fadel, Dhaffer Abdeen, Mohamed Farrag

For the third year in a row, scriptwriter Mariam Naoum and actress Nelly Karim come together, after That (2013) and Segn Al Nessa (2014).

This year’s Taht El Saytara tackles the topic of drug addiction. Karim plays the role of Mariam, a former drug addict who somehow finds her way to addiction again. The series tells her story and that of other drug addicts in a raw and realistic way. By tracing what can incite a human being to become an addict, and what can encourage them to overcome addiction, Naoum tries to stay away from the stereotypical approach typical in past Egyptian series that have dealt with the subject.


2. Harrat El Yahood(The Jews’ Alley)

Director: Mohamed Gamal Al Adl
Scriptwriter: Medhat Al Adl
Producer: Gamal Al Adl
Starring: Menna Shalaby, Eyad Nassar, Gamil Rateb, Shouikar, Riham Abdelghafour, Hala Sedki, Ahmed Hatem

The series traces how particular events in modern Egyptian history -- namely the 23 July Revolution and the 1956 War -- affected the everyday lives of the Jews of Egypt. At its core is the story of a Jewish girl (Menna Shalaby) who falls in love with a Muslim (Eyad Nassar), a love story that becomes impossible due to the changing political environment in Egypt in the 1950s.


3. El Ahd(The Pact)

Director: Khaled Marei
Scriptwriter: Mohamed Amin Radi
Producer: Tarek Al Ganaini, TV vision
Starring: Ghada Adel, Asser Yassin, Arwa Gouda, Aiten Amer, Kenda Alloush, Hana Shiha, Seba Mubarak, Sherin reda

Mohamed Amin Radi and Khaled Marei return with El Ahd after having previously worked together in Neeran Sadeeqa (2013) and Al Sabaa Wasaya (2014). This mythical series discusses the human struggle for power and the ever-existent scuffle between good and evil.


4. El Soolouq(The Wretched)

Director: Abdelaziz Hashad
Scriptwriter: Mohamed Al Hennawi
Producer: Mamdouh Shahin
Starring: Khaled El Sawy, Naglaa Badr, Seba Mubarak, Ahmed Rateb, Hassan Hosny

The series revolves around a poor man named Mahfouz Abou Khatwa (played by El Sawy), who takes on work at the house of a millionaire called Taymour Yakan (Hassan Hosny). It looks at life within Taymour’s house, and shows the huge disparity between Egypt’s rich and poor.


5. Zarf Eswed(The Black Envelope)

Director: Ahmed Medhat
Story: Ahmed Medhat
Scriptwriter: Ayman Medhat
Producer: The Producers
Starring: Amr Youssef, Dorra, Salah Abdallah, Ingy Al Moqaddem

After last year’s successful thriller Aad Tanazoli, Amr Youssef returns this Ramadan with yet another thriller: Zarf Eswed. The series revolves around Youssef who lives through a series of tragedies, including the loss of his family, before he stumbles upon a black envelope that will turn his life around.