Mubarak's loyalists protest in solidarity with the ousted president
Sherif Tarek, Friday 24 Jun 2011
Small groups of protesters gathered to praise the former president and criticise opposition figures and journalists

In front of the Moustafa Mahmoud Mosque in the upscale district of Mohandiseen, tens of protesters constructed a small stage, lifted banners and chanted pro-Mubarak slogans.

The banners revealed for the first time the intention to form a party that supports the ousted president; one banner read “Mubarak Peace Party – under construction.”

Other banners and chants were conciliatory – citing Mubarak’s dignity, calling him the hero of war and peace, and telling him to take no notice of a “minority” who degraded him – as well as condemnatory, saying that “Yesterday’s revolutionaries are today’s thugs” and calling for political groups such as the April 6 Youth Movement and Kefaya to be put on trial.

The protesters also spoke against TV presenters Hala Sarhan, Amr El-Leithy and Reem Maged, calling them “hypocrites”.

The demonstration did not block the street, causing only a little traffic disturbance that policemen dealt with.