El Sokhna port at the mouth of the Suez Canal won't be operating today, protesters say
Zeinab El Gundy, Sunday 10 Jul 2011
Suez protesters blocking the road leading to El Sokhna port say the habour will not be operating today

El Sokhna port has stopped operations today as the dock’s workers have cut the Qattamiya Ain Sokhna highway and joined the sit-in blocking the road to the port, say Suez protesters.

Eye-wittnesses told Ahram Online many workers from both the El Sokhna port and factories and companies in the area have joined the protesters blockading the highway in solidarity with the people of Suez..

El Sokhna port is controlled by the Red Sea Ports Authority and the ministry of transporation.

No less than 150 companies have reportedly stopped work today at Ain Sokhna because of the road block.

"Many of the workers in these companies have organized strikes and sit-ins in the past few months, demanding fair wages," says Mohamed Mahmoud, a member of the Suez Youth block. "Now is a perfect chance for them all to join forces and call for social justice in addition to swift trial of corruption. It makes sense that they sympathize with our sit-in," says Mahmoud.