Mubarak’s Judge: Egyptians shouldn’t ask about Mubarak’s trial location
Ahram Online, Wednesday 27 Jul 2011
Criminal court head Ahmed Refaat says Egyptians need to calm down and wait to follow the trial of Hosni Mubarak and his associates, which is scheduled to begin in a week

Ahmed Refaat, head of the criminal court, who will preside over the case of the killing of protesters during the revolution, in which the ousted president Hosni Mubarak, former minister of interior Habib el-Adli and six subordinates are accused, said that Egyptians should calm down and stop asking about the location of Mubarak’s upcoming trial scheduled for 3 August.

“Egyptians should calm down because Mubarak would face a fair trial and I won’t talk with the media. They should wait and follow the trial,” Refaat added on Masr el-Gedida talk show on the independently owned, el-Hayat 2 channel.

Several media sources are currently discussing the reportedly deteriorating health of Mubarak, speculating on whether Mubarak's trial will take place on schedule or, as some suspect, it will be postponed.