Lebanese president condemns attacks on UNIFIL troops in southern Lebanon
MENA, Wednesday 27 Jul 2011
The Lebanese President Michel Soliman condemns the attacks committed against the UNIFIL troops in Lebanon

The Lebanese President Michel Soliman condemned the attacks committed against the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) yesterday in the southern coastal road near the city of Saida.

Soliman called on the state apparatuses to intensify their efforts to capture the perpetrators of the inhumane crime and bring them to trial.

According to the information office of the Lebanese presidency, Soliman stated that incidents of this kind negatively influence Lebanese interests and portray the country’s foreign image in an undesirable color.

Soliman pointed out that maintaining domestic security and stability is needed deeply to serve the well-being of the business cycle and economic development, especially given that summer brings paramount rates of tourism to Lebanon.

Soliman tackled the current regional environment, emphasizing that tampering with security is unacceptable under any conditions.

He referred in particular to the friendly states which sent troops to assist the Lebanese army in maintaining stability in the south and implement the international resolutions which the Israeli ‘enemy’ is incessantlybreaching.

Within the same context, Soliman sent a telegram to his French counterpart Nicolas Sarkozy wishing a speedy recovery for the French soldiers who were injured during the explosion.

Soliman charged Minister of Health Ali Hassan Khalil to seing the wounded French soldiersoff at the airport upon their departure to Paris.